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Dark therapy – Snoozle 101 – Better sleep improves learning

Remember when nap time was part of school, and sleeping better sleep got you a gold star? Conversely, remember when high school and university came along, and better sleep became an afterthought? Well… The kindergarteners had it right – it’s been shown in multiple studies that sleep has a major impact on our ability to […]

Evil EMFs – Obstacles to Better Sleep

EMF’s are “electro-magnetic frequencies”, emitted by…well, pretty much every modern convenience we enjoy. It’s a form of radiation that we accept for convenience. Chances are, if you plug it in, it emits EMFs. Cell phone? EMFs. Smart TV? Dumb EMFs. Power lines going over your house? …More than EMFs. You should move. We’re sleep scientists. […]

Introducing Dark Therapy: A better life through better sleep

We created the NiteHood because we care about better sleep. In fact, it was born out of a personal need that no sleep mask could satisfy – read the origin story. But we also know that there’s more to sleep than just putting your head to bed, and more benefits than just feeling rested. That’s […]

The Sounds of Better Sleep?

Sweet murmurs of a loved one. The bold snoring of a currently “less loved one”. We aren’t talking about any of these these things. We’re talking about the myriad of audio tracks that promise to offer better sleep. Not so long ago, these were recordings of rain forests. Whale songs. Waves, crashing against the beach […]


The Nite Hoods unique shape seems to resemble a Phrygian cap (a type of cap popular in ancient Phrygia, or modern-day Turkey, distinguished by the peak, which rests pointing forward over the forehead). It shows up on the heads of French Revolutionaries as an emblem of “fraternity, equality, and liberty”. The Liberty Cap was always […]


This is an interesting and remarkable testimonial and I think I can relate to a certain degree. It’s worth discussing but first here is Terri’s story: “My name is Terri barber and I would like to tell you about my brother Kim Barber. Kim was in a terrible car accident. He sustained a severe and […]

The Opulent Days of Sleep

I’m often asked about the Nite Hood’s™ tassel. What’s the purpose? It’s a small detail and if anything it’s a fairly delicate compared to the construction of this excellent tool. But it matters and I’ll tell you why. Back in the 19th century, from the Empire style of France through England’s Victorian era we had […]

National Post says to get out there!

The National Post has featured the Nite Hood as a travel accessory. Many users never travel without it. It packs light and will probably fit right into your coat pocket. Don’t forget yours if you are thinking to do some serious hammock time!

Google maps … Google naps?

It’s a nightmare – you’re eyelids are getting droopy. There’s a stagger in your swagger. The need for an emergency, midday nap has come upon you, but you’re far from your favourite place to put your head to bed. You have your Nite Hood tucked into a pocket (as always, just in case), but have […]

Testimonial: Migraine sufferer gets relief

Migraine Testimonial One of the most interesting things about the Nite Hood is the unexpected benefits that different people are experiencing. It’s actually pretty cool. Something that was designed to help ME sleep is helping people in ways I didn’t ever imagine possible. I’m going to begin sharing these stories on the blog (you might […]

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