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Google maps … Google naps?

GOOGLEIt’s a nightmare – you’re eyelids are getting droopy. There’s a stagger in your swagger. The need for an emergency, midday nap has come upon you, but you’re far from your favourite place to put your head to bed. You have your Nite Hood tucked into a pocket (as always, just in case), but have no idea where to get horizontal for a 20 minute snoozle.

Enter google maps, er, naps.

Apparently a couple of Dutch nap aficionados and daytime slumber lovers decided to create a google nap map, using google maps – it lets you post and share your favourite secret, comfy, quiet places to steal 40 winks quite literally all around the world. So whether you’re just a bit too far from home, or on vacation halfway around the world, a quick look at will reveal the nearest naptastic spot.

Europe seems to have gotten onboard (and gotten to sleep). Our Southern neighbours in the US of A seem to have nap navigation down to an art. But it looks like Canada (home to the Nite Hood and a naturally nap loving nation) seems to be a bit behind (post your nap spots, eh?).

Any Nite Hood loyalists added their spot? Let us know (on Facebook or right here in the comments section) – as enlightened (or “en-darkened”?) sleepers, we really do have an obligation to the nappers of the world….


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