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The Sleep Mask Revolution (that isn’t like a sleep mask at all)

The night hood’s unique fit offers comfort and quality sleep masks can’t

The Nite Hood™ is a light-weight and super cozy, form-fitting evolution of the sleep mask. Because of the unique design, this luxury eye mask form-fits snugly but comfortably over your eyes to block out light and always maintains its position – it’s the silky path to better sleep. The Nite Hood™ is made from organic, sustainable Bamboo (not the synthetic materials you find in most sleep masks), is soft to the touch, anti-bacterial and breaths well making for a comfy, soothing sleep. It even applies light pressure to the eyes creating a calming effect like that produced by an eye pillow. Check out Our Process to learn more about this one of a kind, proprietary fabric.

The original is entirely black, but new colours are now available (and yes, they keep the light out just as well). The design is finished with an elegant silky tassel, and unlike the typical “one-size-fits-no-one” products, the Nite Hood™ is available in three sizes (for a world of individual noggins). See how to find your perfect Nite Hood size in our shop.

Who’s loving the better sleep that Nite Hood™ brings? Check out our testimonials page for some big names (and big nappers), but note that we’ve heard some great reviews from shift workers, travelers and pretty much anybody who needs a little help finding respite from the light.

The Nite Hood™ fits in your hand or in your pocket – it’s a go anywhere sleep aid. Think stocking stuffer, hostess gift, guest swag, fashion trend! OR just think you want to be like Margaret Atwood.

CM Inches Standardized Sizes Our Sizes
48 - 54 19" - 21.25" 6 1/2" - 6 3/4" Small
54 - 57 21 1/4" - 22 3/4" 6 7/8" - 7 1/8" Medium
58 - 61 22 7/8" - 24 1/4" 7 1/4" - 7 5/8" Large

Delivery Time:   –  Canada 3-6 days   –   United States 4-7 days   –   United Kingdom 6-11 days   –  World Wide 7-14 days



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