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Snoozle 101 – Better sleep improves learning

Remember when nap time was part of school, and sleeping better sleep got you a gold star? Conversely, remember when high school and university came along, and better sleep became an afterthought? Well… The kindergarteners had it right – it’s been shown in multiple studies that sleep has a major impact on our ability to […]

Better Sleep = Better Sex

Welcome to Dark Therapy’s first “NSFW” post (not really, but the subject matter is a little risqué) where better sleep takes an amorous turn, and leads to better sex. Puritans, please deploy Nite Hood’s now – you don’t want to read this. In 2012, a study by the Better Sleep Institute found that Americans craved […]

Sleep Stories

Now that we are facing fall and winter, getting our night time reading list might be a priority. Here are the perfect bedtime stories – sleep-related news and bits of whimsy we found on the web this week. This week, a laughing somnambulist, sleeping with one brain hemisphere open, “sleep circuits in our brain and […]

The better summer sleeper

(because sleep masks are the high heels of sleepwear) Tis the season of warm air, flowers, hay fever and sun that, while beautiful, rises a little bit too early for some of us, and sets a bit too late. If you’re like us, you love falling asleep to the sounds of summer, but find that […]

Dark Therapy – better sleep, safer roads

What if you could prevent 40,000 accidents (in the US alone). What if it cost you nothing. What if doing so was actual kind of pleasant? Sound like a dream come true? Well that makes sense – because you (and we…and everyone else) can – through better sleep. It’s estimated that there are over 40,000 […]

Pillow Presses: Sleep better for bulging biceps

Snooze your way to gorgeous glutes. Recline into rippling abs. If someone asks you if it’s leg day, say “no, it’s nap day”, because better sleep is fundamental to better muscle development. To be honest, researching this article gave us one heck of a workout. There are more sites out there with “muscle”, “fit” and […]

Gamblers Choose the Nite Hood™ Sleep Mask

If you’re about to put everything on red (or perhaps remortgage your house to buy penny stocks), stop and think. Not just about the decision you’re making, but whether you’ve had a good night’s sleep before hand. We all know that decision making can be impaired by a lack of good shut eye, but researchers […]

Does poor sleep cause depression? Does depression cause poor sleep?

Dark therapy – Mood Series. This is the first in a series of posts that examine the correlation between poor sleep and emotional/psychological issues, from depression to anxiety to general grumpiness and irritability. Poor sleep can be contributing factors to these conditions, but also result from it. Consult with your doctor if you have the […]

Sleep Better – Be Happier

One of the most interesting facts that we’ve uncovered in our bedtime reading is that better sleep leads to greater happiness. More “zzzz” = more smiles, if you will. It’s interesting because it has such a pervasive impact – a positive mood, or at least an ability to see the positive side of things, impacts […]

You need to get your beauty sleep, darling!

Dark Therapy! It turns out that beauty sleep is an actual thing, and that better sleep means better skin. So go ahead and throw out those smoothing creams, face masks, scrubs and certainly sleep masks (having an elastic around your head? Not a great way to exfoliate) and learn how just sleeping can shave up […]

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