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Chris Parsons – Designer – Origins of the Nite Hood™

I am a light-sensitive sleeper who once used traditional sleep masks that always fell off with the first turn on my pillow. When the sun came up at 6:00, I was awake with the birds. In frustration, I would press my face into pillows and or bury myself under blankets – close to having oxygen […]


The Nite Hoods unique shape seems to resemble a Phrygian cap (a type of cap popular in ancient Phrygia, or modern-day Turkey, distinguished by the peak, which rests pointing forward over the forehead). It shows up on the heads of French Revolutionaries as an emblem of “fraternity, equality, and liberty”. The Liberty Cap was always […]

Best Sleep Mask Ever 18

The Opulent Days of Sleep

I’m often asked about the Nite Hood’s™ tassel. What’s the purpose? It’s a small detail and if anything it’s a fairly delicate compared to the construction of this excellent tool. But it matters and I’ll tell you why. Back in the 19th century, from the Empire style of France through England’s Victorian era we had […]

National Post says to get out there!

The National Post has featured the Nite Hood as a travel accessory. Many users never travel without it. It packs light and will probably fit right into your coat pocket. Don’t forget yours if you are thinking to do some serious hammock time!

Google maps … Google naps?

It’s a nightmare – you’re eyelids are getting droopy. There’s a stagger in your swagger. The need for an emergency, midday nap has come upon you, but you’re far from your favourite place to put your head to bed. You have your Nite Hood tucked into a pocket (as always, just in case), but have […]

Testimonial: Migraine sufferer gets relief

Migraine Testimonial One of the most interesting things about the Nite Hood is the unexpected benefits that different people are experiencing. It’s actually pretty cool. Something that was designed to help ME sleep is helping people in ways I didn’t ever imagine possible. I’m going to begin sharing these stories on the blog (you might […]

The night hood’s unique fit offers comfort and quality sleep masks can’t

Not just a sleep mask. Not just about sleep.

Melatonin! I’ve talked a bit lately about some interesting (and unexpected) benefits of wearing the Nite Hood, from sleep apnea benefits to travellers’ delights. Well, here’s a medical benefit we can all enjoy, thank you Nite Hood Sleep Mask. Getting to sleep in the darkest dark provided by the Nite Hood unlocks your brain’s super-power. […]

Surprising Testimonial: Nite Hood and Sleep Apnea

This is another interesting “testimonial” (actually a comment on Nite Hood’s Facebook page, but we’re going to upgrade to “testimonial” anyway) that raised some sleepy eyebrows. Apparently, we’ve somehow managed to create a sleep mask alternative that works with CPAP machines – that’s “continuous positive airway pressure” machine – for people with sleep apnea. We’ve […]

Forget the complimentary sleep mask. Travel Smart, Sleep Smart.

Are you on a plane with an avid reader next to you, light blazing, preventing sleep? Perhaps it’s a day train voyage through a dreary landscape? Or even the backseat of a car, wishing you could nap the day away on a long trip? Well, testimonials suggest you can. If you own the Nite Hood. […]

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