Chris Parsons – Designer – Origins of the Nite Hood™

I am a light-sensitive sleeper who once used traditional sleep masks that always fell off with the first turn on

Chris’s Tips – save the TASSEL!

TASSEL: Chris’s Tips! When washing your Nite Hood™ Sleep mask, turn it inside out with the tassel tucked safely inside.


This is an interesting and remarkable testimonial and I think I can relate to a certain degree. It’s worth discussing

Testimonial: Migraine sufferer gets relief

Migraine Testimonial One of the most interesting things about the Nite Hood is the unexpected benefits that different people are

Surprising Testimonial: Nite Hood and Sleep Apnea

This is another interesting “testimonial” (actually a comment on Nite Hood’s Facebook page, but we’re going to upgrade to “testimonial”

Criminals wear masks. Police officers wear Nite Hoods. Testimonial!

While many of us snooze dreamily through the night, teams of dedicated police officers patrol the streets and keep us