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2f88e984a46ea6e4cce1703df559e51eNow that we are facing fall and winter, getting our night time reading list might be a priority. Here are the perfect bedtime stories – sleep-related news and bits of whimsy we found on the web this week.

This week, a laughing somnambulist, sleeping with one brain hemisphere open, “sleep circuits in our brain and special day we can settle into.

Sleep neurons

Scientists may have found “sleep circuits” in the neurons basal forebrain. Warning: don’t read this if you love mice, hate lasers, and fear big words.

cb52a7f17460f55d699055187a981e3bSleeping Human, Crouching Dragon

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t sleep well in a new place, this study may have your answer – basically, your brain is on alert for danger, even though your eyes are closed.

12How did we miss this?

Dream come true: There’s a World Sleep Day

Nightmare: It was on March 18th

Excuse: Um…we slept through it?

And to end things off… A jovial sleeper

We don’t know this gentleman or his wife, but we’re always happy to see someone happily drifting along in dreaminess.

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