The night hood’s unique fit offers comfort and quality sleep masks can’t
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Not just a sleep mask. Not just about sleep.


I’ve talked a bit lately about some interesting (and unexpected) benefits of wearing the Nite Hood, from sleep apnea benefits to travellers’ delights. Well, here’s a medical benefit we can all enjoy, thank you Nite Hood Sleep Mask.

Getting to sleep in the darkest dark provided by the Nite Hood unlocks your brain’s super-power. It’s able to release melatonin, a sort of magic body elixir (ok, it’s a hormone and an anti-oxidant) that not only lets you sleep deeply but also helps you combat nasty stuff like:

• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• Obesity

Not bad, eh? It comes from a wrinkly little guy called your pineal gland, and he’s a bit photosensitive. Essentially, if there’s light, there’s no/less melatonin. Your sleep is no snoozle, and your melatonin lays locked away, waiting to help you, but restricted by a master that’s too scared to come out in the light of (like we said, the pineal gland is wrinkly, and a bit self-conscious. Not one to be seen in public).

As you know, the Nite Hood lets you put your head to bed, but also put your pineal gland at ease. Sustainable bamboo fabric keeps literally all light out, and it fits – no waking up wondering where the darkness has gone. That means you’re doing laps in melatonin as you sleep – it’s about more than sweet dreams, it’s about good health made possible by a dark respite – the Nite Hood.

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