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Very Fine Bamboo Knit

Bambo Sleep Mask and CapThe Nite Hood – Sleep Mask and Cap, has its organic bamboo fabric knit locally in Toronto. This enables us to achieve the perfect sleep mask fabric for the best finish and quality control. If you are going to make the best sleep mask, this silky, soft fabric is perfect for a variety of reasons. It feels incredibly light and smooth next to the skin and drapes beautifully. Bamboo is an excellent choice for year-round clothing – because of it’s micro porous structure and natural breath-ability it keeps you cool and comfortable in hot weather and warm and cozy in the cold. It is also 100% biodegradable and is naturally grown without the intensive use of chemicals. This fabric is sound ecologically, has reputed microbial properties, and it is comfortable to wear. Nite Hood only loves it – Durable, Washable, Breathable and Cool.

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