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There is better sleep, and then there is better snoozle

Nite Hood Sleep Mask and CapBeyond better sleep, there is a little known phenomenon known as a better snoozle, and yes, snoozle is real (rare) word. It’s origins can be found in early 19th century English, when people decided that sleep was better with a little affection.

It’s defined as an affectionate variant of “nuzzle”, perhaps combining “snooze” and “nuzzle” into one cozy idea. We’ve all done it. With a partner. With a pet. And now, all by yourself with a Nite Hood.


Nite Hood is the best sleep partner you’ll ever have.      A sleep mask… not so much. First and foremost, you’ll notice quite quickly that the act of snoozling (yes, it can also be a verb) cannot be achieved with an elastic band wrapped around your head – it just lacks commitment. They may even pull your hair, which is not snoozle-errific. A gentle cuddle into a pillow can leave a sleep mask keeping your nose in the dark, but your eyes exposed to the light. And then there’s synthetic fabric. Not snoozly.  It’s no wonder that the word passed out of use – sleep masks are the anti-snoozle.

The Nite Hood on the other hand is a snoozler’s dream. It fits the form of the head, leaving no edges or elastics to be nudged. It’s softer than you, your sheets or the soft fur of a kitten – it may just increase your ranking on the snoozle pleasure index,. And of course, its complete and utter black out fabric ensures your snoozle can last long beyond the rise of the morning sun, making the act of sleeping late on a Sunday that much easier and that much more pleasant. Sleeping alone or with a partner, the Nite Hood is a snoozler unto itself.

So no, “snoozle” is not a word that we created. It’s simply an old word, lost to the ages because of limiting sleep technology. The Nite Hood is bringing back, one satisfied, cozied, cuddled customer at a time.

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