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Choosing the right Nite Hood may be the most important thing you might do in this life. If you are not sure about size, the Adjustable Nite Hood™ is the easy way into a great sleep. The Fitted Nite Hood™ has three sizes for those who want the most uniform and cohesive fit, once you know your size it’s the proper way to get a great sleep. also, look for the Lite Hood version for hot hot nights.

Traditionally we tuck ourselves in with sheets and then lay our head on a pillow – with the Nite Hood™ you can put your head to bed as well. The Nite Hood™ was intended as a solution to the ubiquitous and often uncomfortable sleep mask. The Nite Hood solves it, but it has also changed the way people find sleep.
Your head is swaddled in an embrace that puts you in a dark soothing sleep space. The Nite Hood™ applies light overall contact on key pressure points around your ears and forehead inducing you to relax and drift off. The bamboo fabric has temperature regulating abilities that make it cool in hot spaces and warm when cool. As the Lycra warms up to match your body temperature it form fits. It’s soft, it’s cozy – you’ll only love it to a worn out thin garment. You won’t share it, you will bring it on trips, you will tell all your friends – it’s true!

Elegance, in the case of a Nite Hood™ is simplicity. The light, soft bamboo fabric – how it form-fits to your eyes, creating an intimate space, perfect for snoozle. When you move, it moves with you, maintaining its calming utility. Finally a sleep mask that works – guaranteed to help you sleep better. The Nite Hood™ sleep mask fits in your hand or in your pocket – it’s a go anywhere opportunity. People LOVE the Nite Hood™ and tell us so all the time. Think stocking stuffer, hostess gift, guest swag, sleep aid fashion trend!

CM Inches Standardized Sizes Our Sizes
48 - 54 19" - 21.25" 6 1/2" - 6 3/4" Small
54 - 57 21 1/4" - 22 3/4" 6 7/8" - 7 1/8" Medium
58 - 61 22 7/8" - 24 1/4" 7 1/4" - 7 5/8" Large

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existing reviews (2)

  • Tara Wallace April 6, 2016 4:36 pm

    Hi Nite Hood, my whole family is in love with their Note Hoods! My husband can wear his with his Cpap machine, my adult daughters work shift work and have gotten a bunch of their coworkers hooked as well, I have chronic Insomnia and making the Note Hood part of my routine has me sleeping better.

    There are however 2 family members who desperately need Nite Hoods and even the small is still too big, my grand babies! My daughter took a small one and sewed it to fit her 2 year old, he sleeps through the night every night now. I just saw your adjustable style and would be thrilled if you would make a kids size adjustable Nite Hood! I am sure it would be a hit!

    Thank you!

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    • admin May 2, 2016 6:20 pm

      Hi Tara,
      Thanks for your positive comments.

      You bring up an interesting opportunity. We have in the past chose not to market to children as it is a very different market. I will look into this but the Tassel will have to go – please ask your daughter to remove it as it may be a choking hazard. I’ll let you know when we might get a prototype ready to go.


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